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(modpost) Nikita Season One Screencaps

So as season 3 is approaching, and as promised at the start of October when I buy my blurays I will reupload screencaps for you all.  However, I was planning on reuploading season 1 screencaps in bluray as well - however, it will mean you will have to download about 3/4 zips per episode as the files are slightly larger because of the HD quality as each individual cap is 1920x1080 as they have been capped straight from my blurays.  Here is an example cap (x)

As you can see its very high quality and this is going to take some time, so I wanted to make sure people would actually use the caps and appreciate them if I do this because I really love to share these screencaps with you!

So if you could take a moment and leave a comment and also vote in the poll it would be greatly appreciated!

Would you mind downloading 3/4 zips for higher quality caps?

No, not at all the quality is worth it
Yes, I would prefer caps resized smaller
I don't mind
Other (leave comment please)
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