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Nikita Season 2 Screencaps

As you know from the last post, all of the season 2 screencaps are gone.  I had planned on doing alot of things this summer, and having to rename, resort and reupload 23 episodes was not one of them!  But if people would really like for episodes to be reposted, I will be willing to post 2 episodes for 10 tokens.  The reason for this is not to be mean or put people off, but it is a very time consuming task and I do plan to screencap the whole season again when I get the bluray boxset.

If you would like anything reposted request here please.


t {nikita} take me back to the start

Community Information

I have some news regarding the community, some good and some bad.  First the good news, we have a new contributor to the community, my sister, my_mindpalace!  I'm glad that she has decided to come on and help out with capping things, because it can be very time consuming.

I will be posting a masterlist of our DVD collection and requests can be made.  A request will be at the cost of 10 tokens, which I hope you can agree is fair since screencapping television shows, and especially movies, is very time consuming to do.  And the reason for the tokens comes after the bad news.

As some of you may have noticed, all of the Nikita season 2 screencaps are gone.  Someone reported one of the files and because all of the zips were in a masterpost which I spent about 2 hours coding for your convienience, every single downloadable zip was reported and taken down.  Sadly, this has led me to the decision that the community will also become members only from now on.

I do not plan to reupload the zips however, as I will be buying the bluray boxset in September when it comes out (I'm in Ireland btw) and I will cap it then.  However, if people want episodes reuploaded, I will do so at the 10 token cost as I will have to recap, rename, sort and reupload and post the episodes all again and as you can imagine that is very time consuming.

I hope you understand and will continue to support the community.